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Tacoma: California’s loss is San Antonio’s gain

Toyota Sign_SmallIn an effort to streamline production capacity, Toyota Motor Corp. released a statement on August 28, 2009 stating that it will stop making the Tacoma pickup at the New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI) plant in Fremont, California in March 2010, despite the hefty incentives offered to keep the facility open.  Fremont’s loss is San Antonio’s gain as production will be relocated to the Texas Motor Manufacturing Texas (TMMTX) plant on the city’s South side.  According to the statement from TMMTX regarding the shift of Tacoma production to San Antonio, Kenji Fukuta, President of TMMTX said, “the addition of the Tacoma to the Tundra production line will better utilize our plant’s capactiy and the 21 supplier facilities on our site.” 

On top of the $1.3 billion already spent to date, Toyota will invest an estimated $100 million to retool the two-million square-foot San Antonio facility to add the Tacoma line.  In addition to the 1,850 current employees, Toyota will add as many as 1,100 new jobs to handle the additional production.  In addition, on-site suppliers will also be adding new jobs.  Equipping the South side plant will occur in the midst of Tundra production and is expected to take six to nine months.  Upon completion, an estimated 100,000 Tacomas will roll off the assembly line each year in addition to the 80,000 Tundras now being made at the plant.  View Mayor Julian Castro’s announcement on included in the report S.A. lands Tacoma line, big boost to economy.    Read more in San Antonio snares Tacoma truck production, San Antonio Business Journal and Toyota moving Tacoma production to S.A., San Antonio Express-News.


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