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Ask One of Our Trusted Advisors ranks San Antonio among Top 10 where recession easing

An excerpt of the recent report reads:  Good Fortune In The Lone Star State
If one state is a poster child for economic recovery, it’s Texas, home to four of the 10 cities on our list. There’s more to why Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston are faring well than just the state’s energy industry. The tech, government and education industries supplement the oil state’s riches. As for housing, cities in Texas didn’t see the same run-up in home prices and rampant speculation that led to the spectacular bubble burst elsewhere in the country.  Read the full report Cities Where the Recession Is Easing, March 2, 2010.


1 comment to ranks San Antonio among Top 10 where recession easing

  • Kim,
    Being anative from San Antonio, along with our company founder, Ronnie Hodge…we have enjoyed 30 plus years of sucess right here at home…God Bless Texas!
    Anyway, I am inquiring about teh renovation of teh old federal courthouse downtown. Is that project going forward? If so, we would like to bid on the millwoork and other related restoration. Please review our web site and let me know who to contact about this project.
    Mike Norris 210-271-9785 ext 302

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