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S.A. population increase tops in Texas

Between July 2008 and July 2009, San Antonio had the highest numeric population increase of any Texas city, growing by more than 24,000 people, the U.S. Census Bureau said Wednesday. That’s a 1.8 percent increase and bodes well for the city’s prospects for future federal funding, which for the next 10 years will be based on data being compiled in the 2010 national head count.

“Essentially, this estimate is a preview of what the 2010 census data will look like,” said Jenna Arnold, a bureau spokeswoman. “So the more people we have to count in San Antonio, the better the opportunity for San Antonio to be getting a bigger piece of their fair share of federal funding and representation in Congress.”

By the end of the year, the state population counts — used to apportion U.S. House seats — will be delivered to the president.

With Texas’ population nearing the 25 million mark, it’s expected to get as many as three new seats in Congress, the most of any state.

“Census numbers govern the distribution of more than $400 billion in federal funds each year and serve as the baseline for future post-census population estimates,” Census Bureau Director Robert Groves said. “Local governments use census data to plan new roads, schools and emergency services.”

S.A. population increase tops in Texas
Published: San Antonio Express-News
By: Guillermo X. Garcia
Date: June 24, 2010


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