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Texas earns Site Selection honors with 761 projects in 2012

Site Selection magazine awards the Governor’s Cup each year to the governor of the state with the highest number of qualified capital investment projects the previous calendar year. Texas is back in a big way with a commanding first-place finish in the 2012.

“This is a confirmation of the men and women of the Texas legislature understanding that if we will continue with the predictability and stability of tax and regulation and legal policy that allows entrepreneurs to keep more of what they earn, then we will become the job creation magnet in America,” Gov. Rick Perry told Site Selection on February 21st. “That is what has happened.” 

The Lone Star State’s business attraction story did not begin in 2012. Site Selection has awarded several Governor’s Cups to Gov. Perry in recent years, and his make-the-business-climate-better agenda is the main driver of his economic development success. That and economic development expertise in the state’s cities and towns that mirror his intent to make Texas a natural home for business is a combination that delivers results. Site Selection’s Top Metros and Top Micropolitans include numerous Texas communities (see Top Metros, for how they secured those wins).

Five sectors drove Texas’ return to the front of the pack in 2012, each with significant, illustrative capital investment projects:  Energy, Chemicals, Machinery Manufacturing, Professional Services, and Data Centers.

Click to read the entire Site Selection article: How to Win, Texas Style (Site Selection magazine, March 2013).


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