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Development expected to flow south of downtown as a result of Lone Star Brewery deal

Former Lone Star Brewery

Former Lone Star Brewery

AquaLand Development’s buy-out of the former Lone Star Brewery site, 600 Lone Star Boulevard, could have a spillover effect. Local leaders expect the deal will trigger additional economic activity south of the center city.

AquaLand bought 36 acres where Lone Star beer was brewed until operations were relocated and the facility was shuttered several years ago. The San Marcos, Texas-based company has an option to acquire the remaining 28 acres from the Newell family.

AquaLand plans to develop an entertainment complex on part of the site, which could include a new micro-brewery, theater and music venues.

Lori Houston, director of San Antonio’s Center City Development and Operations Department, said the Lone Star deal will likely spur additional urban revitalization further south.

AquaLand won’t have to wait long to get new neighbors. Houston said there are approximately 700 market-rate housing units under construction or approved for the immediate area around the Lone Star site. She added that improvements in the River South Reach of the San Antonio River have created increased demand for retail and residential space near Lone Star.

Click to read entire article: Development expected to flow south of downtown as a result of Lone Star Brewery deal (San Antonio Business Journal, 05-07-15)


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