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With no bids, Halliburton property in Alice pulled from auction

Halliburton to auction Alice facility.

Halliburton fails to find buyer during auction.

With no online bidders and nobody in attendance at an on-site auction, a 19-acre property owned by Halliburton Co. in the South Texas town of Alice remains unsold.

The 850 Commerce Halliburton property in Alice, Texas, will sell to the highest bidder at auction above an opening bid of $1 million. It is a 19-building industrial complex totaling more than 103,000 square feet of space used as main office/lab, multiple shops, indoor/outdoor wash rack buildings and covered storage. It has fenced parking with a gate and guard shack.

Halliburton officials deferred comment to Williams & Williams whose spokeswoman Cindy Dees said the Alice property had received interest prior to the event but decided to call off the auction when nobody attended.

Two other properties owned by Halliburton in Liberal, Kansas were successfully auctioned off early Tuesday afternoon. Buyers were not disclosed but one of the properties sold for $225,000 while the other sold for $330,000.

Located two hours south of San Antonio, Alice has become one of the hardest hit cities in the crude oil price downturn that is now entering its second year.

Click here to read the full article: With no bids, Halliburton property in Alice pulled from auction San Antonio Business Journal 9-27-2016


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