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S.A. metro population estimated at 2.1 million +

Earlier this year, the U.S. Census released population growth estimates for the period between July 2008 and July 2009.  With an estimated increase of 41,437 residents, San Antonio’s growth ranked 16th in the nation.  Read S.A. is 16th in growth of population (, 3-23-10).  The results of the 2010 census are not due out until December but Business First of Buffalo released estimates that show San Antonio’s metro area population is 2,122,994 which ranks it 27th in the nation.

By comparison, Dallas (#4) has a population of 6,618,405 residents, the Greater Houston area (#5) has 6,022,719 and Austin ranks 35th with 1,769,952.  Read San Antonio-area population estimated at 2.1 million (San Antonio Business Journal, 8-4-10).


S.A. population increase tops in Texas

Between July 2008 and July 2009, San Antonio had the highest numeric population increase of any Texas city, growing by more than 24,000 people, the U.S. Census Bureau said Wednesday. That’s a 1.8 percent increase and bodes well for the city’s prospects for future federal funding, which for the next 10 years will be based on data being compiled in the 2010 national head count. …Read Entire Post


San Antonio listed among fastest-growing cities in nation

city_growth_2008aThe City of San Antonio grew by an estimated 25,645 residents or 1.9% between July 2007 and July 2008, according to the newly released data from the U.S. Census Bureau.  The Alamo City is the seventh-largest city in the nation – home to more than 1.3 million people.  Population in the greater San Antonio metro area now stands at roughly two million.