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Caterpillar’s charisma

cat_logo_BlockConstruction is underway on Caterpillar Inc.‘s one million square-foot $170 million engine assembly plant located along IH-10 just west of Highway 46 in the neighboring  City of Seguin.  Although it is not expected to be fully operational until 2011, the magnetism of the plant is already generating activity and raising expectations.  

The plant is expected to create more than 1,400 jobs which could optimistically expand to nearly 4,000 jobs when suppliers and associated employers are counted, as reported in the article Big Job Expectations, San Antonio Express-News (8-4-09).

The momentum of the area is attracting additional commercial development.  Ambitious plans are underway to develop 545 acres near the intersection of IH-10 and FM 78 on the opposite side of IH-10 from the Caterpillar plant.  According to the Lockhard Companies website, the mixed-use Seguin Commerce Center project, which will be built in two phases, will feature a 132-acre light industrial district in Phase I, a 140-acre industrial district in Phase II along with a 127-acre commercial and retail district.  The project brochure names three groups involved with the project: Panattoni Development Co., Lockhard Development, and NewQuest Properties.  Read more in Trio of Developers is Looking to Build on Caterpillar’s Draw, San Antonio Business Journal (7-31-09)    

The San Antonio Business Journal named the Seguin Economic Development Corporation‘s landing of the new Caterpillar plant as the “Best Overall Deal” in commercial real estate for the region in 2008 as reported in the article Seguin Honored for Caterpillar Deal, Seguin Gazette-Enterprise (8-7-09).


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