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Brooks City-Base lands VMC and 600 new jobs

Brooks City-Base, Bldg 532

VMC Consulting, a Redmond, Washington-based technology consulting and outsourcing company, selected San Antonio for its new 600-seat Customer Care and Technical Support Center.  The company leased 34,954 square feet in Building 532 (72,890 sf) located at 3300 Sidney Brooks Road at Brooks City-Base (formerly known as Brooks Air Force Base).

Read Brooks City-Base to gain 600 technology-support jobs (SABJ, 12-16-10); VMC press release


2 comments to Brooks City-Base lands VMC and 600 new jobs

  • First of all, congratulations on obtaining 600 technology-support jobs. Hello there, I was inquiring about who/whom Brooks City Base contracts with in regards to e-waste (electronic waste). And if so, does this company recycle their e-waste? Lastly, does this “company” possess the required certifications to carry out the recycling process? If (whom it may concern) wants to work with a local and sincere company that will provide a “piece of mind” service and guarantee the execution to be flawless. Please email me. Thank you for your time.

    Satisfied Customer ^Carlos

  • We don’t handle properties at Brooks City-Base – please contact them directly.

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