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SAEDF: San Antonio area saw impressive job growth in 2014

JobsAccording to the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation, 4,750 new jobs were announced in San Antonio and Bexar County in 2014. The foundation said that number is 750 more than expectations that were set at the start of last year.

During 2014, 28 companies located to or expanded in San Antonio. SAEDF said 1,522 of the jobs were connected to San Antonio’s Business, Retention and Expansion efforts.

Nearly 60 percent of the new jobs in 2014 were business services, including shared-services operations, manufacturing and distribution, making up 2,830 of the jobs. 

According to SAEDF, distribution operations made up 1,058 of the jobs and manufacturing added 722 jobs.

However, employing 50 or fewer workers, and representing nearly 43 percent of locations and expansions, overall growth came from small businesses in 2014.

SAEDF officials said the key to job growth in 2015 will be the city’s strategy for diversifying its approach to job creation, projecting 4,000 new jobs for San Antonio and Bexar County.

San Antonio’s success in job growth in 2014 was noted in national rankings:

  • Top 10 Best Performing American Cities in 2014 — The Milken Institute
  • Fastest-growing U.S. cites: Ranked fifth nationally by CNN Money
  • Named the top-ranking “New Capital of Influence” in the U.S. by Forbes

Click to view KSAT 12 report: SAEDF: San Antonio area saw impressive job growth in 2014 (KSAT 12, 1-20-15)


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