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RadioShack vacancies open door for expansion in San Antonio area

For all of those retailers looking at RadioShack’s departure as an opportunity to expand in the San Antonio area: Get in line.

Radioshack logo

A slew of restaurants and retailers have been keeping close eyes on the spaces RadioShack has been vacating as a result of the electronic retailer’s bankruptcy filing earlier this month. The closures of 16 of its San Antonio-based locations is expected to bring about 40,000 square feet of retail space to the market, and there will be plenty of competition for it.

Dallas-based MOOYAH has been trying to break into the San Antonio market and is evaluating RadioShack spaces that have become available. The company’s goal is to open at least one new location in the city before the end of the year. Ardag Tachian, director of franchise development for the restaurant, said the burger chain has been “actively pursing franchise partners in the area” and company officials are looking at RadioShack vacancies as a way to get their foot in the door in San Antonio.

Other retailers such as massage chain Hand & Stone, PRO Martial Arts and Pita Pit – which all have existing locations in Dallas, Houston and/or Austin – have also expressed interest in building a presence in the San Antonio area through the vacancies.


Click to read entire article: RadioShack vacancies open door for expansion in San Antonio area (San Antonio Business Journal, 03-02-15)


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