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Alamo master plan agreement gets the green light from City Council

AlamoSan Antonio City Council members have unanimously approved a plan to join with the Texas General Land Office and enter into a cooperative agreement with the Alamo Endowment to fund and oversee the development of a joint master plan for the Alamo complex and Alamo historic district. As a result of the affirmative vote, the GLO and Alamo Endowment will manage a master planning process in coordination with the city.

San Antonio has already approved spending $17 million to fund the redevelopment project. The state will contribute $31 million and the Alamo Endowment could raise hundreds of millions of additional dollars for the historic initiative, which could bring dramatic change to one of Texas’ most visited areas.

San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor said council’s approval of the master plan agreement will free up stakeholders to work to “create something exceptional” in the Alamo City.

Taylor and Texas General Land Office Commissioner George P. Bush will serve on the executive committee for the master plan project, and provide management oversight. They will be advised by the Alamo Management Committee, which will include two representatives each from the city, GLO and Alamo Endowment.

John Clamp, executive director of the San Antonio Hotel & Lodging Association, said, “The future seems very bright for Alamo Plaza. San Antonio will benefit from a concerted effort by all stakeholders to provide our city and state with a premium Alamo experience.”

The GLO has the Woolworth, 518 Houston St., Crockett, 319 Alamo Plz, and Palace buildings, 323 Alamo Plz, under contract to purchase. Two of the structures are on Alamo Plaza Street and face the Texas shrine. The third building is nearby on East Houston Street.

Click to read entire article: Alamo master plan agreement gets the green light from City Council (San Antonio Business Journal, 10-15-15)


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