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Kiolbassa expands footprint

kiolbassa_logoSan Antonio-based smoked meats maker Kiolbassa Provision Co. has expanded its footprint and production on the city’s West Side. Over the past two months, Kiolbassa Provision set up shop at 1545 S. San Marcos St. following a lease-purchase agreement with Surlean Meat Co.

Kiolbassa Provision Co. President Michael Kiolbassa leads a tour at his family’s sausage processing plant on the city’s West Side. The company has expanded its operations into a second building where it will produce bacon.

While financial details about the deal have not been disclosed, the 88,000-square-foot plant will include some administrative offices, a distribution warehouse and all of Kiolbassa Provision’s bacon production.

Click here to read the original article: Kiolbassa expands footprint San Antonio Business Journal 9-8-2017



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